About Our German Shorthaired Pointers

old dogs
Left to Right: Retta (19mos), Nellie (3.5), Bizzy (6.5), Lucy (7.5) and Dew (12.5)

At Suma, our first priority for our Shorthairs is to produce a well-adjusted, fun, family companion. We do our best to keep up-to-date on all GSPCA recommended health screenings and to learn pedigrees and learn the risks for breeding to certain lines. We do our best to keep up with all the past, current and future families who have taken home one of our puppies. To us, you are our extended family. We have taken years of learning and caring for our own dogs, learning their habits, and raising puppies until 8 to 9 weeks of age. We love to hear from puppy families, as you have taken a part of our "family" home with you!

I love my dogs, they are part of my home. They are content laying on the couch, standing patiently in the kitchen hoping for food to drop - or running the fence and playing in the yard. I also enjoy hunting with my dogs, after all, they are a hunting breed, and I enjoy watching them do what they were bred to do! To date, we have 3 AKC Master Hunters ourselves, several NAVHDA titled puppies that we have placed with wonderful homes, several AKC Junior Hunters, NSTRA pointed pups, and many hunting companions that do exactly what I do - and that's letting the dog be a family member first, hunting dog second. Our motto here is "Pride in Performance".

young pups
Left to Right: Clark, Gill, Molly & Rye (all pictured at 15 weeks)

We also enjoy showing our dogs! AKC Dog shows allow us to see how our dogs compete to the standard set by the GSPCA through the AKC show system. These competitions allow us to see what other dogs around the country look like, as we do a lot of traveling to shows within the Midwest. Seeing these dogs also allow us to potentially find another "line" that we would like to breed to that we would not normally see if we did not leave our immediate area. This is another requirement for us before we consider breeding one of our girls or allowing one of our males to be bred. We would like to keep our dogs as close as possible to the standard and try to improve our dogs based off our interpretation of the standard.

If you have any questions about our dogs, feel free to e-mail Jessica or "like" us on Facebook!